Power Moves Simplified

Power Moves Simplified is a 9-week training for bboys and bgirls who want to go from ZERO power moves to COMPLETE MASTERY.

Inside Power Moves Simplified, you'll learn:

The complete step-by-step system I've created to go from 0 windmills, swipes and flares to power moves mastery.

- Every single tip, trick and strategy from my own personal "power moves toolbox" 

How to stop making those powermoves mistakes that thousands of bboys and bgirls commit every single time they practice

- How to transit from your power moves to essential transitions -- so that you can shortcut your learning for the more advanced ones. 

How to weave your power moves together the ways bboys like Issei, Lil G and Shigekix do 

Power Moves Simplified is currently closed. 

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