How To Bboy: The Complete Beginner Guide

how to bboy

    You are confused right? You watched a few videos of those athletic guys busting out moves after moves on YouTube — and you’re all fired up now. You really, really want to pick up this dance known as bboying. You want to learn how to bboy. The problem? You don’t even know where […]

Wrist Conditioning Exercises for Bboys and Bgirls


  “Strength is everything!!!” Right? Let me show you why that’s false. Simply grab that beefcake friend of yours. You know, the one who would beat you in pull ups and arm wrestling. Get him to try and outlast you in holding a baby freeze right now. … Done? So who won?   I’m willing […]

Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Swipes?

Swipe Mistakes

If you’ve never cringed while watching a video of your power moves… You’re either a big fat liar OR you’ve never seen yourself on video. And you cringe because you didn’t like the way you did those moves! You might even have come close to rock bottom, muttering “I was never born to do power […]

Breaks, Bronx, Boogie, Beat: What Is Bboying?

what is bboying cover

“It’s about you and me, connecting one on one. That’s why it has universal appeal. It has given young people a way to understand their world, whether they are from the suburbs or the city or wherever.” – DJ Kool Herc Here’s a simple question: What do Tim Berners-Lee, Clive Campbell, and James Joseph Brown have […]

Use These Little-Known Tricks To Transform Your 6-Step


So recently I was hanging around a bboy forum called r/bboy. r/bboy falls under the “front page of the Internet”, also known as Reddit. For those who don’t know, Reddit is organized into areas of interests, known as subreddits. It’s kind of what The Bboy Spot and Bboyworld forums were before they fizzled out. Anyway, […]

Are You Making These Mistakes In Your First Round Of Windmills?


Why aren’t you progressing? You have been trying out your newly learnt windmills over and over again. You’ve already suffered countless blackened bruises on your lower back and hip area. And I bet you’re stuck on getting past your first windmill round. Why else would you be here? You are frustrated and tearing your hair […]

The Ultimate Headgear Guide for Bboys & Bgirls

headgear guide

“How do I know what to wear to a bboy jam?” asks the new kid in the studio. He’s probably not alone in asking that question. There are two answers from what I know. The easy answer and not-so-easy (but way more meaningful) answer.   I’d give you the easy answer first: go to a bboy jam, […]

3 Basic Drops You Never Knew Could Be Done This Way

3 Basic Drops - Sharing Feature Image

  One of my all-time favorite battles is the one that occurred at Hip Opsession 2007. Mind 180 vs Top 9/All The Most Phew, it’s been about 9 years since that battle. Nevertheless, it is still a timeless classic. Even at the Christmas party last year, my boys and I were all rewatching the video […]